FAQs about Lepakshi - Best Time to Visit, Temperature, Weather conditions, Lepakshi Temple & so on..

Lepakshi, a village in the district of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh is located to the north of Bangalore. It has great archaeological significance and is especially known for its dedication to Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Veerabhadra. These were built during the Vijaynagar Empire (1336 - 1646). The place has some beautiful tourism spots. Some of these are a large granite Nandi bull, Kurma Saila, and a puppet show that is based on Hindu mythology. This place is extremely known for its heritage handicraft.

In this article, we wish to answer some very frequently asked questions about the place, the tourism spots, some amazing facts, the journey to Lepakshi, and the stay of the people who visit this beautiful village that beholds the culture and heritage of Lepakshi.

Q1. When is the best time to visit Lepakshi?

Ans: The best months to visit the place are from the month of October to March.

Q2. What is the recommended duration for the stay at Lepakshi?

Ans: One can enjoy a period of 2-3 days at Lepakshi and can sightsee the whole place in this duration.

Q3. What is the current temperature of the place?

Ans: The current temperature of the place would be approximately 26.2° C / 79.1° F.

Q4. What are the current weather conditions at the place?

Ans: There is a clear sky at Lepakshi.

Q5. To reach Lepakshi, which is the nearest airport I should get my tickets for?

Ans: You should book your tickets for Bengaluru International Airport which is 110 kms away.

Q6. To reach Lepakshi, which is the nearest railway station I should get my tickets for?

Ans: You can get down at Hindupur Railway Station which is 14 kms away from Lepakshi.

Q7. How can I reach Lepakshi by road?

Ans: Lepakshi has an accessible reach from Chennai, Vizag, Bengaluru and other major cities from Andhra. One can either opt for an AC, non-AC, Delux, Sleeper and Semi-sleeper state-owned buses or privately-owned vehicle.

Q8. What is Lepakshi extremely famous for?

Ans: Lepakshi is very well known for its devotion to Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Veerabhadra in the form of beautifully made temples.

Q9. How can one get around by sightseeing Lepakshi?

Ans: One can use a local bus or a private rickshaw auto if they are somewhere near a village in Lepakshi or book a private cab easily, if around Hindupur.

Q10. What all things can I do when in Lepakshi?

Ans: Following are the things you will enjoy for sure while your stay in Lepakshi-

~Praising the splendor of Lepakshi Temple: Lepakshi Temple, in the shape of a tortoise and built on a low altitude hillock, is one of the finest architectures built by the mighty Vijayanagar Empire. You will definitely be left awe-struck by this majestic sculptural beauty created during that time. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Veerabhadra.

The one incredible feature of this temple that you can't afford to miss out on is the hanging pillar that remains suspended a few inches above the floor.

~Admiring the Second-largest Monolithic structure: The Nandi Lepakshi is another fantastically built tourist attraction in Lepakshi. It was built at the time when Veerabhadra Temple was being built by the Vijayanagar Empire. Nandi's idol is 20 feet high and is 30 feet in length. It is made out of granite and looks awe-inspiring.

~Visiting the Lepakshi Jatayu Park: This park has been made at the same place where a huge statue of Jatayu, a significant figure from the epic Ramayana, was built in his remembrance. The park has a breathtaking view and serene walking ambiance.

~Taking a heritage walk while applauding the Kalyana Mandapa: Kalyana Mandapa is one commendable complex in the famous Veerabhadra Temple with beautiful artistic work that resembles mukha-mandapa. It has carvings that depict various saints and gods. Historically, it was built to carry out the Kalyana ceremony for Parvathi and Lord Shiva.

Q11. What kind of food can I enjoy the most in Lepakshi?

Ans: South Indian cuisine and delicacies are famous for its typical spices. In Lepakshi, one can enjoy the sumptuous Idli, Wada, Dosa, Sambar, and the special chutney. Other delicious items include Moghlai and some international cuisines too.

Q12. What is the hanging pillar in Lepakshi?

Ans: Hanging pillar is one of the most mysterious places in Andhra Pradesh. The mesmerizing fact about this pillar is that it remains suspended in the air above the ground at all times. And this has been verified by placing a cloth piece underneath it. The cloth piece moves very freely.

Q13. How can one 'walk over the cloud' in Lepakshi?

Ans: One can experience walking over the cloud at the Skanda Hills. After trekking and reaching over the hilltop, the view one sees of sun arising out of the visible clouds is an absolute treat to the eyes and cannot be explained in words.

Q14. What are the fun activities one can do at Lepakshi?

Ans: There is a fun-filled place called Balaji Film Talkies in Hindupur. It has creative layouts, innovative architectures and well-thought executions that form some amazing backgrounds for your pleasing pictures.

Q15. Where can I shop in Lepakshi?

Ans: One can get amazing art and craft that Lepakshi is famous for as a sign one visited here. Some of the handicrafts include Kalamkari painting, Banjara embroidery, cotton and jute durries to Kondapalli toys crafted out of softwood, the Bidri Craft with silvery contours and Cherial scroll paintings.

Q16. What makes Lepakshi Temple so unique?

Ans: Aakasa Sthambha, the hanging pillar is one of the main features of Lepakshi Temple. The three Mandapas, i.e, Mukhya Mandapa, Artha Mandapa and Kalyana Mandapa is another intriguing feature. The walls of the temple are a blend of vegetable and mineral colours and have the finest mural paintings.


We hope you got some of your questions answered here. This will be it for now and we wish to provide such informative and useful content to the readers in the future too.


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