Lepakshi, Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, India - Introduction, LEPAKSHI TEMPLE (VEERABHADRA TEMPLE) & more

Are you a fan of remarkable architecture and art? Do you like to read and witness the footprint of historical events? Are you searching for a place which can satisfy your eyes with its beauty? Are you searching to read about a place which can excite you and can make you go WOW even while sitting at home during this pandemic? Do you need a peaceful place to spend your time away from the chaos of city? Do you want to know the place perfect for the weekend gateaway with your family and friends? Then you don't have to worry, just be ready to pack your bags and have a trip of your dreams because we have got you covered and we have brought an end to your every question regarding the place satisfying your above specified conditions. This catalogue provides you with all the information, you need to know about one of the finest example of art, architecture, culture and history, LEPAKSHI TEMPLE.


Lepakshi in Telugu means Rise Bird.

Lepakshi is a small village located in the Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is the location of shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Virabhadra. Lepakshi was a famous center of trade and pilgrimage during the period of Vijayanagar kings. The place gives you a historical essence with divine feelings. It is located 120 KM North of Bangalore and 15 KM East to Hindpur. The road from the Bangalore is perfect,you will have a smooth and safe journey. 7-8 Kms from the temple,the road becomes quite messy, therefore try to drive there carefully and slowly.The place consists of many beautiful sites, mysterious places, historical adventure and marvellous temples. Lepakshi is a place full of mysterious stories hidden in its walls.

The Temples are the location of Telugu inscriptions and mural paintings of Vijayanagara Kings. If you are a great admirer of puppet show but you cannot find any puppet show around your place,then Lepakshi is a place you can fulfill your wish of watching puppet show as it is also famous for puppet shows. FromAnantpur,Hindupur,Bangalore, Lepakshi is well connected ny bus and the major railway station is Hindupur Station.Lepakshi is famous for its Veerabhadra temple. Lepakshi is a treasure of heritage in itself.


According to the legends, During the time of Lord Rama, a bird name Jatayu fell wounded here while protecting Goddess Sita from Ravana when he was taking her to his palace in Lanka forcefully. Jatayu was then commanded to rise by Lord Rama, hence the name Le pakshi as it means rise bird in local language.

According to some other sources, In vijayanagar Kingdom, two brother named Virupanna and Veerupanna used to reside. It is said that Virupanna's son who was blind gained his sightendness while he was playing around Shivalinga temple. It is also said Veerupanna who was one of the financier of Vijayanagara was accused of using the Royal treasure in order to complete the construction of temple or to cure his son eyes due to which king gave order to take his eyes off. Disturbed by the false accusations Veerupanna accepted the punishment and threw his eyes on the wall of temple. Therefore the place got its name Lepakshi which means the village of blind. We cannot avoid the fact that the temple wall still has those blood marks of the eyes.


Lepakshi temple is also known as Veerabhadra temple.

The temple is a main location of Shrine dedicated to Veerbhadra. It is said that the temple was built during the reign of King Achutaraya,bu the two brothers who were governors under The Vijayanagara Empire- Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna. The temple consists well known murals and frescoes. Frescoes mainly consists of scenes of Lord Rama and Lord krishna from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata respectively. Fresco paintings are basically detailed in bright colors and dresses. They all are well preserved. Lepakshi temple is a center of attraction because of its archaeological and artistic splendor. It is also believed that the temple was built by Sage Agastya. It is an important pilgrimage destination of Lord Shiva. The temple is structured and built in the Vijyanagara architectural style. It is situated on a hillock, 'a tortoise shaped hill' which is known as Kurma Saila which is located on the Southern side of Lepakshi town. The place constitutes on of the monuments of National importantance.The key places to visit in Lepakshi temple are The hanging pillars, Naglina Durga Padam or the footprint of Maa Sita, lepakshi Saree designs, Vastu Purush, Rock Chain and Eyes of Viroopakshama.

Lepakshi temple also have Natya Mandapa, Ardha Mandapa and Garbha Griha, Unfinished Kalyana Mandapa, Nagalina and Shivalinga and Lata Mandapa. The temple has beautiful cravings on its wall depicting different activities and events.It also constitutes large pillars and sculptures. Sculpture includes different musical instruments, Lord shiva performing Tandava,various figures playing instruments and different scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata. The images on the pillars are of divine souls,saints,guardians,14 avataras of Lord Shiva along with some musicians and dancers. On the Eastern Wings,there is the chamber of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvarti. In the other chambers, there are the images of Lord Vishnu. The temple in total is a magnificent piece of art. Our culture, traditions, heritage, history, epics are still alive in this temple and one can easily connect to our Indian customs by visiting, exploring and enjoying this place.

It is advisable to visit Lepakshi during the winter season from October to March as during this time of season weather is favorable for sightseeing.


Anyone who visits Veerabhadra temple can easily fell in love with its Vijayanagara style of architecture. Not even a single part of temple there which was not covered with art. Even the pillars were carved too which depicted the avataras of Lord Shiva narrating a story or an incident. The sculptures in the temple were in abundance. Sculptures includes dancing figures, sculptures of God and Goddesses, Saints, pure souls, Musicians and mythological creatures. The temple will not fail to surprise you, you will find the art on the ceiling of the temple as well which depicts the scenes of Mahabharata and Ramayan. There are various mural paintings. The temple is divided into three main parts- The assembly Hall, The area Mandapam and the Garbagriha(main sanctum which hosts the statue of Lord Shiva). It also includes the symmetrical corridors and the open marriage hall, it is said that Kalyan Mandap is the same mandap where where the marriage procession of Lord Shiva And Goddess Parvati took place. You will feel like being in some another world moving around the temple witnessing the roofless pillars. There were water pools and the floor was uneven. The diety of Veerabhadra in the sanctum is decorated with the skulls and feels like a life living image. The columns are full of decorations. In every corner of the temple you will find the glimpse of our historic culture. Not even a single part is left where there is no art depicted. Though there are around 70 pillars in the temple still there is one pillar which is the finest example of art and for which engineers should be given a huge round of applause, THE HANGING PILLAR. Each structure in the temple tells the story of its own. It is an important pilgrimage destination of Lord Shiva. Shrine dedicated to Raghunatha is also added later in the temple. Therefore now there are three shrines in the temple dedicated to Veerabhadra,Papanasheshvara and Raghunatha. These gods are also known as Viresha, Papavinashah and Ranganatha. The temple is the splendid form of art. It is a magnificent example of timeless art and architecture.


It is believed that jatayu's wings fell on the rock here and also footprints of Lord Rama are also found on the rocks of Lepakshi. Some says that footprint is of Goddess Sita, some says it is of Hanuman.


Lord Veerabhadra is the form of the Hindu God Shiva created by his wrath. Lord Veerabhadra is extremely fierce and fearsome. He is the God of destruction whose power was unable to sustain by other gods. It is believed when Sati, the younger daughter of Daksha who married Shiva against the wish of his father visited Daksha's place uninvited to attend Ashwamedh yagya, Daksha insulted her and Lord Shiva. Furious from the insult of her husband, she sets herself in fire by her inner yogani. Hearing about whatever took place and about the demise of Sati, Lord Shiva became furious and plucked a lock of his hair and thrashed it on the ground from which Veerabhadra was born. Veerabhadra Temple is one of the marvels of India.


Veerabhadra is the fierce form of Shiva.

Veerabhadra is also known as Veerabathira and Veerabathiran. It is said that Lord Shiva sent Veerabhadra along with his army to destroy the sacrifice of Daksha.

As the protector of Daksha's Yagna, Hari went there to protect the Yagna. In beginning Veerabhadra was not ready to fight with Hari as he was the beloved of Shiva and as Shiva was to Veerabhadra, so was the Hari. Still Hari explained him that they should fulfill their duties. And so the fight began. After a long hustle and bustle, exchanging of astra and shastra and angry glances, Bramha decided to be the charioteer of Veerabhadra. Even the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu was stopped by Veerabhadra and this was the time Lord Vishnu thought of clearing the pathway for Veerabhadra. He mounted an arrow on the bow which was striked by Veerabhadra and he broke his shaft, Lord Vishnu accepted his defeat and went back to Vaikuntha.

Vishnu then said to Bramha " No one can save Daksha now. The words of sati that we all will suffer due to siding Daksha came true and so does Dadhichi's words that we all will devoured by the fire of Rudra's anger".

And that only happened, no one was able to save Daksha from the fury of Veerabhadra, hence Veerabhadra is the destroyer of Daksha(God Of Destruction).


1.THE HANGING PILLAR= the most attractive thing of the temple is its hanging pillar in the main hall(It is said that this hall is the same hall where the wedding reception of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati took place). Many of the Britishers tried to move that pillar but all of them were unsuccessful to do so. It is the most appreciable efforts of makers of the temple.

2. Durga Padam(Footprint of Maa Sita) = Lepakshi temple is famous for its remarkable attractions among which one of the most famous attraction is Durga Padam which makes the place more important and pure.

3.Nagalinga= It is believed that this Nagalinga is prepared in an hour by the sculptors and it is the largest monolithic Nagalina in entire India.

4. Lepakshi Saree Designs= Saree lovers you're going to love this place because the pillars consists of beautiful Lepakshi Saree designs. Hats off to the creativity of the artists.


Apart from Veerabhadra temple, Lepakshi Bull and Lepakshi Jatayu are the center of attraction.

LEPAKSHI BULL= Near the Veerabhadra temple resides the large granite Nandi Bull. A small garden is created around this 15 feet tall Nandi statue made up of Monolithic rock. This is one of the gems which will live you awestruck. It is said that Nandi the bull is the Vahaan of Lord Shiva. You will find The sculpture of Nandi facing the idol of Lord Shiva.

LEPAKSHI JATAYU= Jatayu theme park is also one of the main center of attraction for the tourists. A large Jatayu sculpture is carved on the entrance of Lepakshi Jatayu. It is one of the best weekend gateway.


    If you are planning to visit Lepakshi then the best time to visit Lepakshi is during October-February due to moderate temperature.

    The timings of the temple are from 6 AM-6 PM.

    In order to avoid rush, harsh temperature and to witness the temple in pure silence, it is advisable to start the trip early.

    As the temple holds regular pujas, therefore it is advisable to wear something respectable and descent.

    You can also carry water bottles and try to keep yourself hydrated by sipping the water as the climate can be harsh and there are high chances of dehydration, if not taken care.

    If you are planning to visit the temple during evening hours then don't forget to carry torch lights with you.

    ₹20 is charges as a parking fee and apart from that there is no entry fee or any other fee.

    There are couple of guides available in the temple who can guide you towards the temple and will tell you the history and the mythological tales related to the temple.

    There are not many food stalls there. Therefore it is advisable to keep your own food along with you.


Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and anyone who will witness this place will definitely find its each and every part, place and corner beautiful and eye catching. Lepakshi temple is a true essence of our country and glorifies its history.It is a perfect weekend gateaway with your family and friends. The place is still not well explored by more than half of the population, so mark this place in your travelling calendar and do visit it once the pandemic is over. Peace and beauty is guaranteed. Till then Stay Home Stay Safe!

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